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As a leading Sarawak and Sabah Flyer Distribution Services company, we specialized in distributing all types of flyers and leaflets to Housing estates, Social areas, Commercial areas, Shopping centers, Schools, Night markets and other targeted areas in Kuching and all major cities and towns in Sarawak and Sabah, East Malaysia. We also provide design and printing services for flyers, leaflets and brochures for distribution.

Our flyer distribution teams are very experienced and are properly trained in this field of service. They are very familiar with names of the roads and streets of all the commercial, shopping and residential areas in all the major cities and towns of Sabah and Sarawak.

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We are a leading Media Advertising Specialist and Marketing Consultant in the design, supply, fabrication and installation of various media signboards and signages including Flyer distribution services in Kuching, Sarawak, KK, Sabah, East Malaysia.

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Why use Flyer Distribution?

Flyer distribution or leaflet distribution will always provide the best possible returns. Flyers are regarded as an excellent marketing tool to raise awareness of a brand, product, service or a call to demonstrate anything where you would like to raise the awareness. Your marketing message will be delivered effectively on its own and thus creating a greater chance of being read and kept.

Distribution of flyers can be done relatively quick and inexpensive and has maximum effect. Flyers can be given to anyone, at anytime and any place and can be passed easily from person to person like a formal word of mouth, promoting your business far and wide. You may be surprised at the response you get from distributing flyers.

Your flyers should be well designed and of good quality. Flimsy ones will only give the customer the impression that your business is amateur. In summary, flyer distribution when properly designed and carried out has been widely recognized as an excellent way to increase brand and product awareness for your business or services, especially when used with other marketing methods.

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